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Get in or get out.

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Hell-bent modern alt-rock

Haunting melodies 

Infatuating riffs

Captivating chemistry

Rock & roll love

Natalee Lovelock



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Rockers & Mods find common ground in Marry Me's unique style: modern alternative rock. Marry Me is Danny Lovelock on guitar and vocals, Natalee Lovelock on bass and vocals, Kylan Prince on guitar & vocals, and Kenny Dietrich on drums. Making music since 2012, Danny (the punk) met Natalee (the drama queen) via ambush setup, after he met Kenny (the metalhead) at audio production school. The three wrote their first EP and toured western Canada 2012-2013, as well as the US & Canada in 2014. 2016 brought a new EP “Itchy Blood” and the addition of Kylan Prince (biker David Lee Roth).Their 2017 single “Roughneck” is a rock anthem for the worker who chooses love and home over a pay-check. Following 2016’s EP “Itchy Blood” and 2014’s self-titled LP, Marry Me continues to deliver a fresh, haunting, infectious alternative rock sound that no one can resist chanting along to. Their 2018 EP “Til Death Do We Rock” with the songs “Taste My Breath” and “I Like Your Face” is available on ITunes, Spotify, etc., and it delivers the Marry Me signature hard hitting beats, infatuating rock riffs, and slamming vocal melodies. In October 2018, true to Marry Me Rock & Roll Love style, Danny surprised Natalee with a stage proposal and ambush wedding. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of their newest single “Bad Tattoo”.

Latest Release

Bad TattooMarry Me
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Rock & Roll Love on Sunday morning...

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"Til Death Do We Rock" (2018)

"Itchy Blood" (2016)

"Marry Me" (2013)


Foxx and Swann

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